Tenerife 2016

Tenerife is the biggest one of the canary islands.  Tenerife and so are the canary islands are part of spain altough they are 2100 km away from the costa’s of spain. I went there on holiday in april and the weather was amazing!

This is my trip to Tenerife

We arrived on the airport of Tenerife Sur Reina Sofia. We toutched down around 1 pm with Brussels Airlines. It was a 4 hour flight and i actualy won the tickets! The weather when we arrived was amazing. We directly went to pick up our car wich went so smooth.


The hotel we stayed at was at the costa adeje it was called Hotel Panoramica. A realy nice Hotel. That night we had diner at a realy nice restaurant at Adeje beach. The restaurant was called Azar.

Most of the days we sun baded. Swom in the swimming pool. The weather was just so nice! The second day we went to Las americas this is the touristic place in Tenerife. The place realy reminded me of Las vegas. It was realy nice but there are many people there so go on a weekday if you ever plan to go.


On day 4 we went to El duque beach wich has the nicest sunset ever! I you go to Tenerife you must go there!


The next day we went to El teide the hights mountain in the whole Of spain! It was superb! Realy the view from above, you could see all the canary islands. Amazing!


The day before we went home we got on a boat wich was called the Flipper Uno and went to see Dolphins we saw actualy quite a lot! We ate paella on the ship and went for a swim in the atlantic ocean. Realy refreshing! We also saw Los gigantes. Those are the 2nd biggest cliffs after the grand canyon. The rocks were 800 meters high wich is realy impressive if you are in front of them.


The last day we had breakfast and after we went straight to the airport and took our flight. We landed around 3 pm and had another 2 hour drive home. Normaly it’s 30 min but with the terrorist attacks at Brussels airport we had to leave from another airport.

This year in april we will go to Gran Canaria. I’am realy looking foward to it. Hope you enjoyed this litle post. Lots of love.





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